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🌁 Openmoji collection of open source emojis

If you are a developer of some unique application or you are working in the field of web design, then you should definitely read this article. In addition, the information presented here will also be useful for ordinary users. We invite you to get acquainted with an interesting project, which in the future, we are sure, will be able to affect many users of 🌐 World Wide Web.

🌐 OpenMoji is a new open source library that not only looks great, but also provides many new features for various developers.

The project was created by a group of enthusiastic students studying a communication design course in 🇩🇪 German in Schwäbisch Gmünd. One fine day, young minds decided to create a portal with Emoji, which would be perfect for designers from all over the 🌎 World . And we can surely say that they did it, because the project has many advantages.

You can select and download any emoticon from the presented collection on the site. Emoji is provided in PNG and SVG format. Besides standard emoticons, there are many unique icons that you can easily get absolutely for free.

If this isn’t enough for you, then let’s take a look at a few important advantages that are already available at this stage of the site’s existence:

  • All emoticons presented in the set follow a single style guide, thus matching perfectly with each other;
  • In addition to standard Unicode, OpenMoji provides users with various categories of “special interests”;
  • Manual work: emoticons were developed manually under close supervision, besides, each of them were checked and tested thoroughly in all development phases;
  • The library contains both black and white and color types of emoticons;
  • Anyone can already use more than three thousand Emoji in many categories.
In any case, the project has existed not for so long, but has already gained fame and support and with great passion offers everyone interested a huge number of options. It doesn’t matter what purpose you will use it for, another thing is important: this project will easily interest you and it will make life easier for developers. Thanks to this library, you have a unique opportunity to bring all your ideas to life, so get acquainted with OpenMoji as soon as possible. All the images from the OpenMoji collection that we have collected for you in our encyclopedia are presented!