☣ Biohazard


Biohazard emoji is used to show if there are biohazardous materials around. Biohazard dangers are biolgical substances that are dangerous to living beings, especially people. You will have to be extra careful when you see a Biohazard sign as it is really easy to catch an illness or disease, with just a prick of a contaminated needle. Again, this is not an emoji scientists will use since they can speak about dangers. If you do get this emoji, you are most likely being warned by friends or other employees that work in a medical area to be careful of any biohazards that may have come up during the day. It can be confused with the Raidoactive emoji as they are similar dangers, so it can be accepted when in the rush of ⚠ Warning against dangers. Use it with a 😷 Face With Medical Mask emojishown and a 💉 Syringe emoji to better show just what exactly is a Biohazard.

Examples of using

“☣ needles in the office, don’t touch them.”
“Make sure to throw the ☣ bandaids away properly this time.”

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Another names

☣ Radioactive
☣ Danger Zone