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Meaning of ☣️ Biohazard Emoji

Biohazard emoji is used to show if there are biohazardous materials around. Biohazard dangers are biological substances that are dangerous to live beings, especially people. You will have to be extra careful when you see a Biohazard sign, as it is straightforward to catch an illness or disease with a prick of a contaminated needle.

Again, this is not an emoji scientists will use since they can speak about dangers. If you do get this emoji, you are most likely being warned by friends or other employees that work in a medical area to be careful of any biohazards that may have come up during the day. It can be confused with the Radioactive emoji as they are similar dangers, so it can be accepted when in the rush of ⚠️ Warning against hazards.

Use it with a 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji shown and a 💉 Syringe emoji to better show just what precisely a Biohazard is.

User-Submitted Meanings

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Here will be emoji meaning Here goes emoji 🥰 usage example. Try to use it in Messenger or WhatsApp to cheer up your friends.
Apr 05, 2024
Signifies biohazard, warning of hazardous biological materials. It is dangerous ☣️
Author SaFrtiSaer46, Jan 25, 2024

Examples of the ☣️ Biohazard Emoji in use

Frequently used ☣️ Biohazard Emoji phrases for messengers and web communication:

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Combinations with ☣️ Biohazard Emoji

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— Forbidden zone
— Customs Control

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☣️ Biohazard Emoji: specifications and details

Full name ☣️ Biohazard
Category 💯 Symbols
Subcategory 🚱 Warning
How to type shortcode


Unicode (fully-qualified) ☣️ U+2623 U+FE0F
Unicode (unqualified) ☣ U+2623
Made with U+2623 ☣ Biohazard
U+FE0F Variation Selector-16
Unicode version Unicode 1.1 (1993)
Listed in Emoji Version 1.0