㊗ Japanese “congratulations” Button


Japanese “Congratulations” Button emoji is a Japanese kanji in a circe meant to represent celebration. Who doesn’t ❤️ Love receiving congrats after successfully completing a tough challenge? Nearly everyone does and this handy kanji expresses that feeling of congratulations. If you and your friends know this kanji well, then it will be a well used emoji. If you don’t, once you learn about it you’ll find it so much easier sending his emoji when you want to express congrats to someone. For some extra 😄 Fun send it with the 🎉 🎉🥂 Party Popper emoji or 🎊 Confetti Ball emoji to show your joy and eagerness to celebrate.

Examples of using

“㊗ on the new job!”
“Happy New Year ㊗!”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


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Another names

㊗ Party
㊗ Celebration