❄️ Snowflake


Snowflake emoji represents that frozen 💦 Water particles that fall down from the sky, making everyone feel the special ❄️ Winter magic. It is known that there are no identical snowflakes — so this emoji is the symbol of uniqueness. However, it is more often used in its more direct meanings of ❄️ Winter. For example, it appears in messages about the cold 🌧 Weather, the New Year celebrations, first snow, ❄️ Winter holidays, and so on.

Snapchat meaning

Snowflake emoji appears in the Snapchat 🏆 Trophy Case after the user sends a snap with below freezing point filter applied.


Examples of using

“It’s ❄️ for the first time in the year!”
“It’s so cold I’m freezing ❄️”

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Another names

❄️ Snow
❄️ Snowing