⛳ Flag In Hole


Flag In Hole emoji is a sport themed emoji representing the game of golf’s 🕳️ Hole in one. It is used to represent success from a challenging situation, such as a hard project being done or work day finished. But it can also be used amongst friends to boast about success from a date or fling, just be careful not to accidentally send it to the person you were with. The 👩 Woman Golfing/Man Golfing emoji are similar to the Flag in 🕳️ Hole emoji as they can be used interchangeably to mean golfing. The 👨 Man and 👩 Woman Holding Hands emoji can be used to show the relationship success.


Examples of using

“Turned in my project ⛳ on the essay!”
“Dude that girl I was with at the bar? Went home with her ⛳”

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Another names

⛳ Hole in One
⛳ Golf
⛳ Golf Flag
⛳ Golf Hole with Flag