⛅ Sun Behind Cloud


☀ Sun Behind ☁️ Cloud emoji is the picture of the light ☁️ Cloud — just the same as depicted by ☁️ Cloud emoji — and the shining bright ☀ Sun hiding behind it. Such an emoji appears in various meanings including those related to the 🌧 Weather, daydreaming, 🌻 Summer, and even dreamy or a little 😔 Sad mood. It is also often used to together with other emojis to form different stories and impressions or to symbolize different periods of the year.


⛅🍃 Skyfall (Movies)

🍦⛅ Vanilla Sky (Movies)

👩🏻🎤⛅️⬇️ Adele (Celebrities)

🌦⛅❄☔ Weather (Nature)

Examples of using

“I feel so dreamy ⛅”
“It’s always relieving when the flaming sun hides ⛅”

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