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📱 A complete collection of Discord emojis for Windows, Android, iOS and macOS

Discord is a free VoIP and video conferencing messenger designed for text, voice, and video communication. It was developed by Hammer & Chisel in 2015. The messenger had over 250 million registered users in 2019.

The messenger provides options such as organizing voice conferences, creating public and private chats, enabling streamer mode, hotkeys, overlay functions, etc. Emojis on Discord supports Twitter emojis. Also, the user can upload their own emojis.

How do you add your own emojis to Discord?

  1. Open a site with an emoji library, such as the Discord Server List, select the emoji set you like and click the Download button.
  2. Open the Discord app and click on your own server icon.
  3. Click on the “Server Settings” button from the list that appears and select the “Emoji” section.
  4. Click on the “Download” button and select the desired file with a set of emojis by clicking on it 2 times. Optionally, you can change the name of the emoji by erasing the previous name.
  5. To send an emoji message, go to the dialog and click on the emoji icon. Select the emoji you like from the block that appears.