🤢 Nauseated Face


Nauseated Face emoji is a green smiley, which looks like it tries hard not to vomit. Most often, it is used in its indirect meaning — i.e. to symbolize how extremely sick and disgusted something or someone makes the user. For example, it may serve as a reaction to something that the user finds extremely abominable — from some food to the way someone dresses to the way someone behaves to some phenomenon (for example, racism). And, of course, it may be used in its direct meaning — when it comes to food intoxication — but it happens much less often.


🦊⚫⚪💨🤢 Skunk (Animals)

Examples of using

“People like you make me sick 🤢”
“It’s so disgusting I almost vomited 🤢”

Closeup view


Unicode symbol


Say it with ASCII

(ง • _ •) ง

Another names

🤢 Vomit
🤢 Disgust
🤢 Green Face