⚛ Atom Symbol


Atom Symbol emoji is. for the scientists out there, used to help express their findiings or o just nerd out with other scientists. But the emoji can also be used to represent the American Atheists, or people who only believe in science and there being no otherworldly force. At least they both have some connection to science. Use the 🧪 Test Tube emoji if you are talking about science related topics or the 🙅 Person Gesturing NO emoji if you are arguing with someone about there being some larger power controlling the Earth, which also has an emoji you can use.

Examples of using

“The reactio went as planned! I am a genius! ⚛”
“No, there is no Lord, stop trying to convert me ⚛”

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⚛ Science
⚛ Atheist
⚛ Discoveries