⌚ Watch


Watch emoji is the picture of a time-measuring device, which is worn by some people on the wrist. Despite the fact that such type of Watch is gradually replaced by smart watches, it is still widely used everywhere (just like the device represented by ⏰ Alarm Clock emoji) — it has even become a status symbol in some sense. The emoji is used in any meanings related to time.


⌚👬 Watchmen (Movies)

🔚⌚ End Of Watch (Movies)

⌚ The Watch (Movies)

⌚🐶 Watch Dog (Animals)

⌚️⏳🍼🎶 Time in a Bottle (Music)

2️⃣4️⃣⌚️ Day (Nature)

🌐⌚⬆⬇ Compass (Things)

Examples of using

“I need to hurry up ⌚”
“I’ll be there exactly at 5p.m ⌚”

Closeup view

How to type


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