☹️ Frowning Face


Frowning Face emoji is one of the most popular and recognized smileys, which is something directly the opposite to the ordinary ☺️ Smiling Face emoji. It looks like a face with 😔 Sad👄 Mouth and open 👀 Eyes – and it often appears in the context of being displeased with something not too serious in life like bad 🌧 Weather or minor failures. It may also serve as an expression of someone’s attitude towards some 😔 Sad news. Not less often, it appears as a symbol of the fact that the user is serious when saying something (especially when it may be perceived as a joke).

Examples of using

“I actually mean what I say ☹️”
“It’s such a pity to hear that ☹️”

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Another names

☹️ Megafrown