*️⃣ Keycap: *


Keycap: ** emoji is the ⭐ Star🔑 Key on the phone’s keypad. This 🔑 Key is most often used as a menu selection option when talking to an automatic voice system. Send this emoji with the 📱 Mobile Phone emoji if you are going to have to sit around all day making phone calls. This symbol is often confused with the asterisk symbol, but both signs vary as the asterisk has five ⭐ Star points instead of six. Asterisks are used to show annotations, or added ℹ Information, to content. Send this emoji with a 📝 Memo emoji to remind someone that they are going to need to add reference notes to their work before turning it in.

Examples of using

“The *️⃣ key isn’t working on my phone.”
“The *️⃣ gets me to the menu faster right?”

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How to type


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Another names

*️⃣ Star Key
*️⃣ Asterisk