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🥹Face Holding Back Tears

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Meaning of 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji

The 🥹 “Face holding back tears” emoji looks like a concerned face with big 👀 Eyes that are about to shed 💧 Tears. The facial expression conveys a moment of emotional vulnerability, an inner struggle, and tension on the verge of breakdown. This is the emotion that can be evoked by such deep feelings as: gratitude, admiration, joy, pride, anger, sadness and resistance. Emoji 🥲 “Smiling face with tear” and 🥺 “Pleading face” are sometimes used in a similar context.

Use the “Face holding back tears” emoji when you want to express pride for your 👶 Child, to thank a friend who was there in a difficult moment or in response to something sweet and touching. For example, a photo of one’s pet sent in a message or a story shared on social media.

Express your emotions from watching an exciting 🎞 Movie. Describe how hard you tried not to burst into tears and cry while sitting in a huge movie theater. Depending on the feelings you experienced, use emoticons 😭 “Loudly Crying Face”, 😔 “Pensive Face”, 😮 “Face with Open Mouth” and 😟 “Worried Face” in the story.

🥹 “Face holding back tears” emoji can also be used in heated debate, when showing sympathy and expressing the pain of loss.

Interesting fact: All terrestrial mammals have a gland in their 👀 Eyes that secretes 💧 Tears. But only humans have tears that are both physiological and emotional. That is, appearing as an emotional reaction to events.

User-Submitted Meanings

Support🥹🩷, love, and understanding Everything will be okay, always here for you 🩷🥹
Author Анюта, Mar 07, 2024

Examples of the 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji in use

Frequently used 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji phrases for messengers and web communication:

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Combinations with 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🥀🖤🥹 . You can use these combos to create riddles or convey messages without using words.

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— Pain of loss
— They're so cute
— I love you very much my precious girl
— Moving performance
— Shut up!
— How pretty…
— Heart On lock
— Love, support, understanding
— News footage
— Heart on lock and nobody has the Key
— So cute, I want to squeeze it!
— Touching 🎞️
— I will miss you so much

🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji designs on different devices

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🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji: specifications and details

Full name 🥹 Face Holding Back Tears
Category 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Subcategory 😯 Face Concerned
Unicode (fully-qualified) 🥹 U+1F979
Unicode version Unicode 14.0 (2021)
Listed in Emoji Version 14.0