#️⃣ Keycap: #


Keycap: # emoji is the Pound 🔑 Key typically seen on a phone’s keypad. Sometimes, when you are making a call and are speaking to an automatic voice the pound 🔑 Key is used to select an option from the listed menu. You can send this emoji with the 📱 Mobile Phone emoji to tell someone that they’re going to need to press the pound 🔑 Key to get to the menu option faster. Recently, the pound 🔑 Key has taken on the term hashtag. A hashtag lets you 🔗 Link and connect certain words to searchable groups or terms so your post can be found by more people. You can really send this emoji with any other emoji, like the 🐕 Dog emoji or 🐈 Cat emoji to show your ❤️ Love of the pets you need to have others see.


Examples of using

“Press the #️⃣ when the phone picks up to get to a real person faster.”
“#️⃣ YOLO am I right?”

Closeup view


How to type


Unicode symbol


Say it with ASCII

Another names

#️⃣ Pound Key
#️⃣ Hashtag
#️⃣ Number Sign