0️⃣ Keycap: 0


Keycap: 0 emoji is the zero 🔑 Key on the phone’s keypad. The zero 🔑 Key can be used as a menu selection option in an automatic phone call or simply as a digit in a phone number. Send this emoji with the 📱 Mobile Phone emoji to show that you either need to make an automatic phone call or forgot if a phone number had a zero in it or not. You can also use this emoji to replace the word zero, like if someone has a zero chance at achieving something. Send this emoji with the Heart emoji and 🚫 Prohibited emoji to show someone they have no chance of winning your heart.


Examples of using

“The 0️⃣ key gets you t an operator.”
“I say you have 0️⃣chance with her.”

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Another names

0️⃣ Zero Key
0️⃣ Zero