♊ Gemini


Gemini emoji is the digital representation of the third of 12 Zodiac signs. It represents all people, who were born from 22.05 to 21.06, and it looks like the Roman numeral for 2, i.e. II — in yellow, red, or violet color in case of different emoji providers. For those, who believe in the Zodiac signs power, it marks extremely talkative, creative, and outgoing people — but for others, it’s nothing more than funny belief.

Snapchat meaning

Gemini emoji appears near the names of those Snapchatters, who were born on the respective dates and who set this fact on the app.

Examples of using

“I’m a typical ♊, if you know what I mean”
“Gemini ♊ is my Zodiac sign”

Closeup view

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Another names

♊ Zodiac Sign Gemini