♍ Virgo


Virgo emoji is the symbol of the sixth of the twelve Zodiac signs of the same name. This sign is attributed to people, who were born from 23.08 to 23.09 and its symbol looks like a fancy m letter. Its meaning depends first of all on whether someone believes that Zodiac signs define the human’s personality. For those, who does, this symbol would mark shy and tidy people. And for those, who doesn’t — it would be nothing more than the date of birth.

Snapchat meaning

Just like the other Zodiac signs, Virgo emoji appears near the Snapchat users’ names in case they were born on the respective dates.


Examples of using

“My Zodiac sign is Virgo ♍”
“I’m ♍ if it’s important”

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Another names

♍ Zodiac Sign Virgo