๐Ÿ•  Five-Thirty


The Five-Thirty face emoji is simple as it is used to show the time. It specifically shows one oโ€™clock but it does not specify if it is a.m or p.m, so it can be used morning or afternoon.You can show what time of day it is though by using a ๐ŸŒž โ˜€ Sun With Face emoji or a ๐ŸŒ• Full Moon Symbol emoji. Texters will most likely use the emoji to show that something is planned to happen at one without having to type it out. Or it can be used to tell someone they have until that time to finish a task. You can use it with the โฐ Alarm Clock emoji to express the need to be somewhere at exactly one.

Examples of using

โ€œMeet me at the library at ๐Ÿ•  to study.โ€
โ€œDonโ€t come back to late your curfew is ๐Ÿ• .โ€

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How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

๐Ÿ•  Clock face with Five-Thirty