Emoji Version 1.0

The history of the First Emoji Version began back in 2009, when Apple engineers, Yasuo Kida and Peter Edberg announced 625 new emoticons and officially proposed to include emoji in Unicode – a coding standard that includes almost all the linguistic signs of the world’s languages. In 🍁 October 2010, Unicode added an encoding for the first emoticons and emojis. Now users around the world can share their emotions with people using Emoji.

The first release of Unicode emoji documentation was published in 🍎 August 2015 and included emoticon codes from Unicode 6.0, Unicode 6.1, Unicode 6.2, Unicode 6.3, Unicode 7.0.

Other versions — Emoji Version 2.0, Emoji Version 3.0, Emoji Version 4.0, Emoji Version 5.0, Emoji Version 11.0, Emoji Version 12.0, Emoji Version 12.1, Emoji Version 13.0, Emoji Version 13.1, Emoji Version 14.0, Emoji Version 15.0, Emoji Version 15.1, Emoji Version 16.0.

Interesting fact:

Many emojis were added to Unicode before 2010. In the period from 1993 to 1999, 87 emoticons were added to Unicode, which portrayed the standard human emotions (joy, anger, sadness, etc.), zodiac signs, etc.

😀Grinning Face 😃Grinning Face With Big Eyes 😄Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes 😁Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes 😆Grinning Squinting Face 😅Grinning Face With Sweat 😂Face With Tears of Joy 🙂Slightly Smiling Face 🙃Upside-Down Face 😉Winking Face 😊Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes 😇Smiling Face With Halo 😍Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes 😘Face Blowing a Kiss 😗Kissing Face ☺️Smiling Face 😚Kissing Face With Closed Eyes 😙Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes 😋Face Savoring Food 😛Face With Tongue 😜Winking Face With Tongue 😝Squinting Face With Tongue 🤑Money-Mouth Face 🤗Hugging Face 🤔Thinking Face 🤐Zipper-Mouth Face 😐Neutral Face 😑Expressionless Face 😶Face Without Mouth 😏Smirking Face 😒Unamused Face 🙄Face With Rolling Eyes 😬Grimacing Face 😌Relieved Face 😔Pensive Face 😪Sleepy Face 😴Sleeping Face 😷Face With Medical Mask 🤒Face With Thermometer 🤕Face With Head-Bandage 😵Dizzy Face 😎Smiling Face With Sunglasses 🤓Nerd Face 😕Confused Face 😟Worried Face 🙁Slightly Frowning Face ☹️Frowning Face 😮Face With Open Mouth 😯Hushed Face 😲Astonished Face 😳Flushed Face 😦Frowning Face With Open Mouth 😧Anguished Face 😨Fearful Face 😰Anxious Face With Sweat 😥Sad But Relieved Face 😢Crying Face 😭Loudly Crying Face 😱Face Screaming in Fear 😖Confounded Face 😣Persevering Face 😞Disappointed Face 😓Downcast Face With Sweat 😩Weary Face 😫Tired Face 😤Face With Steam From Nose 😡Pouting Face 😠Angry Face 😈Smiling Face With Horns 👿Angry Face With Horns 💀Skull ☠️Skull and Crossbones 💩Pile of Poo 👹Ogre 👺Goblin 👻Ghost 👽Alien 👾Alien Monster 🤖Robot 😺Grinning Cat 😸Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes 😹Cat With Tears Of Joy 😻Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes 😼Cat With Wry Smile 😽Kissing Cat 🙀Weary Cat 😿Crying Cat 😾Pouting Cat 🙈See-No-Evil Monkey 🙉Hear-no-evil Monkey 🙊Speak-No-Evil Monkey 💋Kiss Mark 💌Love Letter 💘Heart With Arrow 💝Heart With Ribbon 💖Sparkling Heart 💗Growing Heart 💓Beating Heart 💞Revolving Hearts 💕Two Hearts 💟Heart Decoration ❣️Heart Exclamation 💔Broken Heart ❤️Red Heart 💛Yellow Heart 💚Green Heart 💙Blue Heart 💜Purple Heart 💯Hundred Points 💢Anger Symbol 💥Collision 💫Dizzy 💦Sweat Droplets 💨Dashing Away 🕳️Hole 💣Bomb 💬Speech Balloon 🗯️Right Anger Bubble 💭Thought Balloon 💤Zzz 👋Waving Hand 🖐️Hand With Fingers Splayed Raised Hand 🖖Vulcan Salute 👌OK Hand ✌️Victory Hand 🤘Sign of the Horns 👈Backhand Index Pointing Left 👉Backhand Index Pointing Right 👆Backhand Index Pointing Up 🖕Middle Finger 👇Backhand Index Pointing Down ☝️Index Pointing Up 👍Thumbs Up 👎Thumbs Down Raised Fist 👊Oncoming Fist 👏Clapping Hands 🙌Raising Hands 👐Open Hands 🙏Folded Hands ✍️Writing Hand 💅Nail Polish 💪Flexed Biceps 👂Ear 👃Nose 👀Eyes 👁️Eye 👅Tongue 👄Mouth 👶Baby 👦Boy 👧Girl 👱Person: Blond Hair 👨Man 👩Woman 👴Old Man 👵Old Woman 🙍Person Frowning 🙎Person Pouting 🙅Person Gesturing NO 🙆Person Gesturing OK 💁Person Tipping Hand 🙋Person Raising Hand 🙇Person Bowing 👮Police Officer 🕵️Detective 💂Guard 👷Construction Worker 👸Princess 👳Person Wearing Turban 👲Person With Skullcap 👰Person With Veil 👼Baby Angel 🎅Santa Claus 💆Person Getting Massage 💇Person Getting Haircut 🚶Person Walking 🏃Person Running 💃Woman Dancing 🕴️Person In Suit Levitating 👯People With Bunny Ears 🏇Horse Racing ⛷️Skier 🏂Snowboarder 🏌️Person Golfing 🏄Person Surfing 🚣Person Rowing Boat 🏊Person Swimming ⛹️Person Bouncing Ball 🏋️Person Lifting Weights 🚴Person Biking 🚵Person Mountain Biking 🛀Person Taking Bath 🛌Person in Bed 👭Women Holding Hands 👫Woman And Man Holding Hands 👬Men Holding Hands 💏Kiss 💑Couple With Heart 👪Family 🗣️Speaking Head 👤Bust in Silhouette 👥Busts in Silhouette 👣Footprints 🐵Monkey Face 🐒Monkey 🐶Dog Face 🐕Dog 🐩Poodle 🐺Wolf 🐱Cat Face 🐈Cat 🦁Lion 🐯Tiger Face 🐅Tiger 🐆Leopard 🐴Horse Face 🐎Horse 🦄Unicorn 🐮Cow Face 🐂Ox 🐃Water Buffalo 🐄Cow 🐷Pig Face 🐖Pig 🐗Boar 🐽Pig Nose 🐏Ram 🐑Ewe 🐐Goat 🐪Camel 🐫Two-Hump Camel 🐘Elephant 🐭Mouse Face 🐁Mouse 🐀Rat 🐹Hamster 🐰Rabbit Face 🐇Rabbit 🐿️Chipmunk 🐻Bear 🐨Koala 🐼Panda 🐾Paw Prints 🦃Turkey 🐔Chicken 🐓Rooster 🐣Hatching Chick 🐤Baby Chick 🐥Front-Facing Baby Chick 🐦Bird 🐧Penguin 🕊️Dove 🐸Frog 🐊Crocodile 🐢Turtle 🐍Snake 🐲Dragon Face 🐉Dragon 🐳Spouting Whale 🐋Whale 🐬Dolphin 🐟Fish 🐠Tropical Fish 🐡Blowfish 🐙Octopus 🐚Spiral Shell 🐌Snail 🐛Bug 🐜Ant 🐝Honeybee 🐞Lady Beetle 🕷️Spider 🕸️Spider Web 🦂Scorpion 💐Bouquet 🌸Cherry Blossom 💮White Flower 🏵️Rosette 🌹Rose 🌺Hibiscus 🌻Sunflower 🌼Blossom 🌷Tulip 🌱Seedling 🌲Evergreen Tree 🌳Deciduous Tree 🌴Palm Tree 🌵Cactus 🌾Sheaf of Rice 🌿Herb ☘️Shamrock 🍀Four Leaf Clover 🍁Maple Leaf 🍂Fallen Leaf 🍃Leaf Fluttering in Wind 🍇Grapes 🍈Melon 🍉Watermelon 🍊Tangerine 🍋Lemon 🍌Banana 🍍Pineapple 🍎Red Apple 🍏Green Apple 🍐Pear 🍑Peach 🍒Cherries 🍓Strawberry 🍅Tomato 🍆Eggplant 🌽Ear of Corn 🌶️Hot Pepper 🍄Mushroom 🌰Chestnut 🍞Bread 🧀Cheese Wedge 🍖Meat on Bone 🍗Poultry Leg 🍔Hamburger 🍟French Fries 🍕Pizza 🌭Hot Dog 🌮Taco 🌯Burrito 🍳Cooking 🍲Pot of Food 🍿Popcorn 🍱Bento Box 🍘Rice Cracker 🍙Rice Ball 🍚Cooked Rice 🍛Curry Rice 🍜Steaming Bowl 🍝Spaghetti 🍠Roasted Sweet Potato 🍢Oden 🍣Sushi 🍤Fried Shrimp 🍥Fish Cake With Swirl 🍡Dango 🦀Crab 🍦Soft Ice Cream 🍧Shaved Ice 🍨Ice Cream 🍩Doughnut 🍪Cookie 🎂Birthday Cake 🍰Shortcake 🍫Chocolate Bar 🍬Candy 🍭Lollipop 🍮Custard 🍯Honey Pot 🍼Baby Bottle Hot Beverage 🍵Teacup Without Handle 🍶Sake 🍾Bottle With Popping Cork 🍷Wine Glass 🍸Cocktail Glass 🍹Tropical Drink 🍺Beer Mug 🍻Clinking Beer Mugs 🍽️Fork and Knife With Plate 🍴Fork and Knife 🔪Kitchen Knife 🏺Amphora 🌍Globe Showing Europe-Africa 🌎Globe Showing Americas 🌏Globe Showing Asia-Australia 🌐Globe With Meridians 🗺️World Map 🗾Map of Japan 🏔️Snow-Capped Mountain ⛰️Mountain 🌋Volcano 🗻Mount Fuji 🏕️Camping 🏖️Beach With Umbrella 🏜️Desert 🏝️Desert Island 🏞️National Park 🏟️Stadium 🏛️Classical Building 🏗️Building Construction 🏘️Houses 🏚️Derelict House 🏠House 🏡House With Garden 🏢Office Building 🏣Japanese Post Office 🏤Post Office 🏥Hospital 🏦Bank 🏨Hotel 🏩Love Hotel 🏪Convenience Store 🏫School 🏬Department Store 🏭Factory 🏯Japanese Castle 🏰Castle 💒Wedding 🗼Tokyo Tower 🗽Statue of Liberty Church 🕌Mosque 🕍Synagogue ⛩️Shinto Shrine 🕋Kaaba Fountain Tent 🌁Foggy 🌃Night With Stars 🏙️Cityscape 🌄Sunrise Over Mountains 🌅Sunrise 🌆Cityscape at Dusk 🌇Sunset 🌉Bridge at Night ♨️Hot Springs 🎠Carousel Horse 🎡Ferris Wheel 🎢Roller Coaster 💈Barber Pole 🎪Circus Tent 🚂Locomotive 🚃Railway Car 🚄High-Speed Train 🚅Bullet Train 🚆Train 🚇Metro 🚈Light Rail 🚉Station 🚊Tram 🚝Monorail 🚞Mountain Railway 🚋Tram Car 🚌Bus 🚍Oncoming Bus 🚎Trolleybus 🚐Minibus 🚑Ambulance 🚒Fire Engine 🚓Police Car 🚔Oncoming Police Car 🚕Taxi 🚖Oncoming Taxi 🚗Automobile 🚘Oncoming Automobile 🚙Sport Utility Vehicle 🚚Delivery Truck 🚛Articulated Lorry 🚜Tractor 🏎️Racing Car 🏍️Motorcycle 🚲Bicycle 🚏Bus Stop 🛣️Motorway 🛤️Railway Track 🛢️Oil Drum Fuel Pump 🚨Police Car Light 🚥Horizontal Traffic Light 🚦Vertical Traffic Light 🚧Construction Anchor Sailboat 🚤Speedboat 🛳️Passenger Ship ⛴️Ferry 🛥️Motor Boat 🚢Ship ✈️Airplane 🛩️Small Airplane 🛫Airplane Departure 🛬Airplane Arrival 💺Seat 🚁Helicopter 🚟Suspension Railway 🚠Mountain Cableway 🚡Aerial Tramway 🛰️Satellite 🚀Rocket 🛎️Bellhop Bell Hourglass Done Hourglass Not Done Watch Alarm Clock ⏱️Stopwatch ⏲️Timer Clock 🕰️Mantelpiece Clock 🕛Twelve O’clock 🕧Twelve-Thirty 🕐One O’clock 🕜One-Thirty 🕑Two O’clock 🕝Two-Thirty 🕒Three O’clock 🕞Three-Thirty 🕓Four O’clock 🕟Four-Thirty 🕔Five O’clock 🕠Five-Thirty 🕕Six O’clock 🕡Six-Thirty 🕖Seven O’clock 🕢Seven-Thirty 🕗Eight O’clock 🕣Eight-Thirty 🕘Nine O’clock 🕤Nine-Thirty 🕙Ten O’clock 🕥Ten-Thirty 🕚Eleven O’clock 🕦Eleven-Thirty 🌑New Moon 🌒Waxing Crescent Moon 🌓First Quarter Moon 🌔Waxing Gibbous Moon 🌕Full Moon 🌖Waning Gibbous Moon 🌗Last Quarter Moon 🌘Waning Crescent Moon 🌙Crescent Moon 🌚New Moon Face 🌛First Quarter Moon Face 🌜Last Quarter Moon Face 🌡️Thermometer ☀️Sun 🌝Full Moon Face 🌞Sun With Face Star 🌟Glowing Star 🌠Shooting Star 🌌Milky Way ☁️Cloud Sun Behind Cloud ⛈️Cloud With Lightning and Rain 🌤️Sun Behind Small Cloud 🌥️Sun Behind Large Cloud 🌦️Sun Behind Rain Cloud 🌧️Cloud With Rain 🌨️Cloud With Snow 🌩️Cloud With Lightning 🌪️Tornado 🌫️Fog 🌬️Wind Face 🌀Cyclone 🌈Rainbow 🌂Closed Umbrella ☂️Umbrella Umbrella With Rain Drops ⛱️Umbrella on Ground High Voltage ❄️Snowflake ☃️Snowman Snowman Without Snow ☄️Comet 🔥Fire 💧Droplet 🌊Water Wave 🎃Jack-O-Lantern 🎄Christmas Tree 🎆Fireworks 🎇Sparkler Sparkles 🎈Balloon 🎉Party Popper 🎊Confetti Ball 🎋Tanabata Tree 🎍Pine Decoration 🎎Japanese Dolls 🎏Carp Streamer 🎐Wind Chime 🎑Moon Viewing Ceremony 🎀Ribbon 🎁Wrapped Gift 🎗️Reminder Ribbon 🎟️Admission Tickets 🎫Ticket 🎖️Military Medal 🏆Trophy 🏅Sports Medal Soccer Ball Baseball 🏀Basketball 🏐Volleyball 🏈American Football 🏉Rugby Football 🎾Tennis 🎳Bowling 🏏Cricket Game 🏑Field Hockey 🏒Ice Hockey 🏓Ping Pong 🏸Badminton Flag In Hole ⛸️Ice Skate 🎣Fishing Pole 🎽Running Shirt 🎿Skis 🎯Direct Hit 🎱Pool 8 Ball 🔮Crystal Ball 🎮Video Game 🕹️Joystick 🎰Slot Machine 🎲Game Die ♠️Spade Suit ♥️Heart Suit ♦️Diamond Suit ♣️Club Suit 🃏Joker 🀄Mahjong Red Dragon 🎴Flower Playing Cards 🎭Performing Arts 🖼️Framed Picture 🎨Artist Palette 👓Glasses 🕶️Sunglasses 👔Necktie 👕T-Shirt 👖Jeans 👗Dress 👘Kimono 👙Bikini 👚Woman’s Clothes 👛Purse 👜Handbag 👝Clutch Bag 🛍️Shopping Bags 🎒Backpack 👞Man’s Shoe 👟Running Shoe 👠High-heeled Shoe 👡Woman’s Sandal 👢Woman’s Boot 👑Crown 👒Woman’s Hat 🎩Top Hat 🎓Graduation Cap ⛑️Rescue Worker’s Helmet 📿Prayer Beads 💄Lipstick 💍Ring 💎Gem Stone 🔇Muted Speaker 🔈Speaker Low Volume 🔉Speaker Medium Volume 🔊Speaker High Volume 📢Loudspeaker 📣Megaphone 📯Postal Horn 🔔Bell 🔕Bell With Slash 🎼Musical Score 🎵Musical Note 🎶Musical Notes 🎙️Studio Microphone 🎚️Level Slider 🎛️Control Knobs 🎤Microphone 🎧Headphone 📻Radio 🎷Saxophone 🎸Guitar 🎹Musical Keyboard 🎺Trumpet 🎻Violin 📱Mobile Phone 📲Mobile Phone With Arrow ☎️Telephone 📞Telephone Receiver 📟Pager 📠Fax Machine 🔋Battery 🔌Electric Plug 💻Laptop 🖥️Desktop Computer 🖨️Printer ⌨️Keyboard 🖱️Computer Mouse 🖲️Trackball 💽Computer Disk 💾Floppy Disk 💿Optical Disk 📀DVD 🎥Movie Camera 🎞️Film Frames 📽️Film Projector 🎬Clapper Board 📺Television 📷Camera 📸Camera With Flash 📹Video Camera 📼Videocassette 🔍Magnifying Glass Tilted Left 🔎Magnifying Glass Tilted Right 🕯️Candle 💡Light Bulb 🔦Flashlight 🏮Red Paper Lantern 📔Notebook With Decorative Cover 📕Closed Book 📖Open Book 📗Green Book 📘Blue Book 📙Orange Book 📚Books 📓Notebook 📒Ledger 📃Page With Curl 📜Scroll 📄Page Facing Up 📰Newspaper 🗞️Rolled-Up Newspaper 📑Bookmark Tabs 🔖Bookmark 🏷️Label 💰Money Bag 💴Yen Banknote 💵Dollar Banknote 💶Euro Banknote 💷Pound Banknote 💸Money With Wings 💳Credit Card 💹Chart Increasing With Yen ✉️Envelope 📧E-mail 📨Incoming Envelope 📩Envelope With Arrow 📤Outbox Tray 📥Inbox Tray 📦Package 📫Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag 📪Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag 📬Open Mailbox With Raised Flag 📭Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag 📮Postbox 🗳️Ballot Box With Ballot ✏️Pencil ✒️Black Nib 🖋️Fountain Pen 🖊️Pen 🖌️Paintbrush 🖍️Crayon 📝Memo 💼Briefcase 📁File Folder 📂Open File Folder 🗂️Card Index Dividers 📅Calendar 📆Tear-Off Calendar 🗒️Spiral Notepad 🗓️Spiral Calendar 📇Card Index 📈Chart Increasing 📉Chart Decreasing 📊Bar Chart 📋Clipboard 📌Pushpin 📍Round Pushpin 📎Paperclip 🖇️Linked Paperclips 📏Straight Ruler 📐Triangular Ruler ✂️Scissors 🗃️Card File Box 🗄️File Cabinet 🗑️Wastebasket 🔒Locked 🔓Unlocked 🔏Locked With Pen 🔐Locked With Key 🔑Key 🗝️Old Key 🔨Hammer ⛏️Pick ⚒️Hammer and Pick 🛠️Hammer And Wrench 🗡️Dagger ⚔️Crossed Swords 🔫Pistol 🏹Bow And Arrow 🛡️Shield 🔧Wrench 🔩Nut And Bolt ⚙️Gear 🗜️Clamp ⚖️Balance Scale 🔗Link ⛓️Chains ⚗️Alembic 🔬Microscope 🔭Telescope 📡Satellite Antenna 💉Syringe 💊Pill 🚪Door 🛏️Bed 🛋️Couch and Lamp 🚽Toilet 🚿Shower 🛁Bathtub 🚬Cigarette ⚰️Coffin ⚱️Funeral Urn 🗿Moai 🏧ATM Sign 🚮Litter In Bin Sign 🚰Potable Water Wheelchair Symbol 🚹Men’s Room 🚺Women’s Room 🚻Restroom 🚼Baby Symbol 🚾Water Closet 🛂Passport Control 🛃Customs 🛄Baggage Claim 🛅Left Luggage ⚠️Warning 🚸Children Crossing No Entry 🚫Prohibited 🚳No Bicycles 🚭No Smoking 🚯No Littering 🚱Non-Potable Water 🚷No Pedestrians 📵No Mobile Phones 🔞No One Under Eighteen ☢️Radioactive ☣️Biohazard ⬆️Up Arrow ↗️Up-Right Arrow ➡️Right Arrow ↘️Down-Right Arrow ⬇️Down Arrow ↙️Down-Left Arrow ⬅️Left Arrow ↖️Up-Left Arrow ↕️Up-Down Arrow ↔️Left-Right Arrow ↩️Right Arrow Curving Left ↪️Left Arrow Curving Right ⤴️Right Arrow Curving Up ⤵️Right Arrow Curving Down 🔃Clockwise Vertical Arrows 🔄Counterclockwise Arrows Button 🔙BACK Arrow 🔚END Arrow 🔛ON! Arrow 🔜SOON Arrow 🔝TOP Arrow 🛐Place Of Worship ⚛️Atom Symbol 🕉️Om ✡️Star Of David ☸️Wheel Of Dharma ☯️Yin Yang ✝️Latin Cross ☦️Orthodox Cross ☪️Star And Crescent ☮️Peace Symbol 🕎Menorah 🔯Dotted Six-Pointed Star Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Ophiuchus 🔀Shuffle Tracks Button 🔁Repeat Button 🔂Repeat Single Button ▶️Play Button Fast-Forward Button ⏭️Next Track Button ⏯️Play Or Pause Button ◀️Reverse Button Fast Reverse Button ⏮️Last Track Button 🔼Upwards Button Fast Up Button 🔽Downwards Button Fast Down Button ⏸️Pause Button ⏹️Stop Button ⏺️Record Button ⏏️Eject Button 🎦Cinema 🔅Dim Button 🔆Bright Button 📶Antenna Bars 📳Vibration Mode 📴Mobile Phone Off ✖️Multiply Plus Minus Divide ‼️Double Exclamation Mark ⁉️Exclamation Question Mark Question Mark White Question Mark White Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark 〰️Wavy Dash 💱Currency Exchange 💲Heavy Dollar Sign ♻️Recycling Symbol ⚜️Fleur-de-lis 🔱Trident Emblem 📛Name Badge 🔰Japanese Symbol For Beginner Hollow Red Circle Check Mark Button ☑️Check Box With Check ✔️Check Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark Button Curly Loop Double Curly Loop 〽️Part Alternation Mark ✳️Eight-Spoked Asterisk ✴️Eight-Pointed Star ❇️Sparkle ©️Copyright ®️Registered ™️Trade Mark #️⃣Keycap: # 0️⃣Keycap: 0 1️⃣Keycap: 1 2️⃣Keycap: 2 3️⃣Keycap: 3 4️⃣Keycap: 4 5️⃣Keycap: 5 6️⃣Keycap: 6 7️⃣Keycap: 7 8️⃣Keycap: 8 9️⃣Keycap: 9 🔟Keycap: 10 🔠Input Latin Uppercase 🔡Input Latin Lowercase 🔢Input Numbers 🔣Input Symbols 🔤Input Latin Letters 🅰️A Button (Blood Type) 🆎AB Button (Blood Type) 🅱️B Button (Blood Type) 🆑CL Button 🆒COOL Button 🆓FREE Button ℹ️Information 🆔ID Button Ⓜ️Circled M 🆕NEW Button 🆖NG Button 🅾️O Button (Blood Type) 🆗OK Button 🅿️P Button 🆘SOS Button 🆙UP! Button 🆚VS Button 🈁Japanese “here” Button 🈂️Japanese “service Charge” Button 🈷️Japanese “monthly Amount” Button 🈶Japanese “not Free Of Charge” Button 🈯Japanese “reserved” Button 🉐Japanese “bargain” Button 🈹Japanese “discount” Button 🈚Japanese “free Of Charge” Button 🈲Japanese “prohibited” Button 🉑Japanese “acceptable” Button 🈸Japanese “application” Button 🈴Japanese “passing Grade” Button 🈳Japanese “vacancy” Button ㊗️Japanese “congratulations” Button ㊙️Japanese “secret” Button 🈺Japanese “open For Business” Button 🈵Japanese “no Vacancy” Button 🔴Red Circle 🔵Blue Circle Black Circle White Circle Black Large Square White Large Square ◼️Black Medium Square ◻️White Medium Square Black Medium-Small Square White Medium-Small Square ▪️Black Small Square ▫️White Small Square 🔶Large Orange Diamond 🔷Large Blue Diamond 🔸Small Orange Diamond 🔹Small Blue Diamond 🔺Red Triangle Pointed Up 🔻Red Triangle Pointed Down 💠Diamond With A Dot 🔘Radio Button 🔳White Square Button 🔲Black Square Button 🏁Chequered Flag 🚩Triangular Flag 🎌Crossed Flags 🏴Black Flag 🏳️White Flag 🇦🇨Flag: Ascension Island 🇦🇩Flag: Andorra 🇦🇪Flag: United Arab Emirates 🇦🇫Flag: Afghanistan 🇦🇬Flag: Antigua & Barbuda 🇦🇮Flag: Anguilla 🇦🇱Flag: Albania 🇦🇲Flag: Armenia 🇦🇴Flag: Angola 🇦🇶Flag: Antarctica 🇦🇷Flag: Argentina 🇦🇸Flag: American Samoa 🇦🇹Flag: Austria 🇦🇺Flag: Australia 🇦🇼Flag: Aruba 🇦🇽Flag: Åland Islands 🇦🇿Flag: Azerbaijan 🇧🇦Flag: Bosnia & Herzegovina 🇧🇧Flag: Barbados 🇧🇩Flag: Bangladesh 🇧🇪Flag: Belgium 🇧🇫Flag: Burkina Faso 🇧🇬Flag: Bulgaria 🇧🇭Flag: Bahrain 🇧🇮Flag: Burundi 🇧🇯Flag: Benin 🇧🇱Flag: St. Barthélemy 🇧🇲Flag: Bermuda 🇧🇳Flag: Brunei 🇧🇴Flag: Bolivia 🇧🇶Flag: Caribbean Netherlands 🇧🇷Flag: Brazil 🇧🇸Flag: Bahamas 🇧🇹Flag: Bhutan 🇧🇻Flag: Bouvet Island 🇧🇼Flag: Botswana 🇧🇾Flag: Belarus 🇧🇿Flag: Belize 🇨🇦Flag: Canada 🇨🇨Flag: Cocos (Keeling) Islands 🇨🇩Flag: Congo - Kinshasa 🇨🇫Flag: Central African Republic 🇨🇬Flag: Congo - Brazzaville 🇨🇭Flag: Switzerland 🇨🇮Flag: Côte D’Ivoire 🇨🇰Flag: Cook Islands 🇨🇱Flag: Chile 🇨🇲Flag: Cameroon 🇨🇳Flag: China 🇨🇴Flag: Colombia 🇨🇵Flag: Clipperton Island 🇨🇷Flag: Costa Rica 🇨🇺Flag: Cuba 🇨🇻Flag: Cape Verde 🇨🇼Flag: Curaçao 🇨🇽Flag: Christmas Island 🇨🇾Flag: Cyprus 🇨🇿Flag: Czechia 🇩🇪Flag: Germany 🇩🇬Flag: Diego Garcia 🇩🇯Flag: Djibouti 🇩🇰Flag: Denmark 🇩🇲Flag: Dominica 🇩🇴Flag: Dominican Republic 🇩🇿Flag: Algeria 🇪🇦Flag: Ceuta & Melilla 🇪🇨Flag: Ecuador 🇪🇪Flag: Estonia 🇪🇬Flag: Egypt 🇪🇭Flag: Western Sahara 🇪🇷Flag: Eritrea 🇪🇸Flag: Spain 🇪🇹Flag: Ethiopia 🇪🇺Flag: European Union 🇫🇮Flag: Finland 🇫🇯Flag: Fiji 🇫🇰Flag: Falkland Islands 🇫🇲Flag: Micronesia 🇫🇴Flag: Faroe Islands 🇫🇷Flag: France 🇬🇦Flag: Gabon 🇬🇧Flag: United Kingdom 🇬🇩Flag: Grenada 🇬🇪Flag: Georgia 🇬🇫Flag: French Guiana 🇬🇬Flag: Guernsey 🇬🇭Flag: Ghana 🇬🇮Flag: Gibraltar 🇬🇱Flag: Greenland 🇬🇲Flag: Gambia 🇬🇳Flag: Guinea 🇬🇵Flag: Guadeloupe 🇬🇶Flag: Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇷Flag: Greece 🇬🇸Flag: South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands 🇬🇹Flag: Guatemala 🇬🇺Flag: Guam 🇬🇼Flag: Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇾Flag: Guyana 🇭🇰Flag: Hong Kong Sar China 🇭🇲Flag: Heard & Mcdonald Islands 🇭🇳Flag: Honduras 🇭🇷Flag: Croatia 🇭🇹Flag: Haiti 🇭🇺Flag: Hungary 🇮🇨Flag: Canary Islands 🇮🇩Flag: Indonesia 🇮🇪Flag: Ireland 🇮🇱Flag: Israel 🇮🇲Flag: Isle Of Man 🇮🇳Flag: India 🇮🇴Flag: British Indian Ocean Territory 🇮🇶Flag: Iraq 🇮🇷Flag: Iran 🇮🇸Flag: Iceland 🇮🇹Flag: Italy 🇯🇪Flag: Jersey 🇯🇲Flag: Jamaica 🇯🇴Flag: Jordan 🇯🇵Flag: Japan 🇰🇪Flag: Kenya 🇰🇬Flag: Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇭Flag: Cambodia 🇰🇮Flag: Kiribati 🇰🇲Flag: Comoros 🇰🇳Flag: St. Kitts & Nevis 🇰🇵Flag: North Korea 🇰🇷Flag: South Korea 🇰🇼Flag: Kuwait 🇰🇾Flag: Cayman Islands 🇰🇿Flag: Kazakhstan 🇱🇦Flag: Laos 🇱🇧Flag: Lebanon 🇱🇨Flag: St. Lucia 🇱🇮Flag: Liechtenstein 🇱🇰Flag: Sri Lanka 🇱🇷Flag: Liberia 🇱🇸Flag: Lesotho 🇱🇹Flag: Lithuania 🇱🇺Flag: Luxembourg 🇱🇻Flag: Latvia 🇱🇾Flag: Libya 🇲🇦Flag: Morocco 🇲🇨Flag: Monaco 🇲🇩Flag: Moldova 🇲🇪Flag: Montenegro 🇲🇫Flag: St. Martin 🇲🇬Flag: Madagascar 🇲🇭Flag: Marshall Islands 🇲🇰Flag: North Macedonia 🇲🇱Flag: Mali 🇲🇲Flag: Myanmar (Burma) 🇲🇳Flag: Mongolia 🇲🇴Flag: Macao Sar China 🇲🇵Flag: Northern Mariana Islands 🇲🇶Flag: Martinique 🇲🇷Flag: Mauritania 🇲🇸Flag: Montserrat 🇲🇹Flag: Malta 🇲🇺Flag: Mauritius 🇲🇻Flag: Maldives 🇲🇼Flag: Malawi 🇲🇽Flag: Mexico 🇲🇾Flag: Malaysia 🇲🇿Flag: Mozambique 🇳🇦Flag: Namibia 🇳🇨Flag: New Caledonia 🇳🇪Flag: Niger 🇳🇫Flag: Norfolk Island 🇳🇬Flag: Nigeria 🇳🇮Flag: Nicaragua 🇳🇱Flag: Netherlands 🇳🇴Flag: Norway 🇳🇵Flag: Nepal 🇳🇷Flag: Nauru 🇳🇺Flag: Niue 🇳🇿Flag: New Zealand 🇴🇲Flag: Oman 🇵🇦Flag: Panama 🇵🇪Flag: Peru 🇵🇫Flag: French Polynesia 🇵🇬Flag: Papua New Guinea 🇵🇭Flag: Philippines 🇵🇰Flag: Pakistan 🇵🇱Flag: Poland 🇵🇲Flag: St. Pierre & Miquelon 🇵🇳Flag: Pitcairn Islands 🇵🇷Flag: Puerto Rico 🇵🇸Flag: Palestinian Territories 🇵🇹Flag: Portugal 🇵🇼Flag: Palau 🇵🇾Flag: Paraguay 🇶🇦Flag: Qatar 🇷🇪Flag: Réunion 🇷🇴Flag: Romania 🇷🇸Flag: Serbia 🇷🇺Flag: Russia 🇷🇼Flag: Rwanda 🇸🇦Flag: Saudi Arabia 🇸🇧Flag: Solomon Islands 🇸🇨Flag: Seychelles 🇸🇩Flag: Sudan 🇸🇪Flag: Sweden 🇸🇬Flag: Singapore 🇸🇭Flag: St. Helena 🇸🇮Flag: Slovenia 🇸🇯Flag: Svalbard & Jan Mayen 🇸🇰Flag: Slovakia 🇸🇱Flag: Sierra Leone 🇸🇲Flag: San Marino 🇸🇳Flag: Senegal 🇸🇴Flag: Somalia 🇸🇷Flag: Suriname 🇸🇸Flag: South Sudan 🇸🇹Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe 🇸🇻Flag: El Salvador 🇸🇽Flag: Sint Maarten 🇸🇾Flag: Syria 🇸🇿Flag: Eswatini 🇹🇦Flag: Tristan Da Cunha 🇹🇨Flag: Turks & Caicos Islands 🇹🇩Flag: Chad 🇹🇫Flag: French Southern Territories 🇹🇬Flag: Togo 🇹🇭Flag: Thailand 🇹🇯Flag: Tajikistan 🇹🇰Flag: Tokelau 🇹🇱Flag: Timor-Leste 🇹🇲Flag: Turkmenistan 🇹🇳Flag: Tunisia 🇹🇴Flag: Tonga 🇹🇷Flag: Turkey 🇹🇹Flag: Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇻Flag: Tuvalu 🇹🇼Flag: Taiwan 🇹🇿Flag: Tanzania 🇺🇦Flag: Ukraine 🇺🇬Flag: Uganda 🇺🇲Flag: U.S. Outlying Islands 🇺🇸Flag: United States 🇺🇾Flag: Uruguay 🇺🇿Flag: Uzbekistan 🇻🇦Flag: Vatican City 🇻🇨Flag: St. Vincent & Grenadines 🇻🇪Flag: Venezuela 🇻🇬Flag: British Virgin Islands 🇻🇮Flag: U.S. Virgin Islands 🇻🇳Flag: Vietnam 🇻🇺Flag: Vanuatu 🇼🇫Flag: Wallis & Futuna 🇼🇸Flag: Samoa 🇽🇰Flag: Kosovo 🇾🇪Flag: Yemen 🇾🇹Flag: Mayotte 🇿🇦Flag: South Africa 🇿🇲Flag: Zambia 🇿🇼Flag: Zimbabwe