☺️ Smiling Face


Smiling Face emoji is the most recognized and “classic” of all emojis, which looks like the slightly Smiling Face with relaxed expression (its 👀 Eyes may be open or closed, depending on the emoji provider). It is the typical sign for friendliness — in this sense, it is often used to brighten the statements that may otherwise sound rude. Also, it may be used instead of “yes” and “sure”, as well as in the meaning of appreciation. And at last, it may be used in sarcastic meaning together with the words that are something opposite to friendly and kind.

Examples of using

“I’m only joking ☺️”
“I’m happy for your success ☺️”

Closeup view


How to type


Unicode symbol


Say it with ASCII


Another names

☺️ Smiling
☺️ Happy Face
☺️ Smiley Face