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🫗Pouring Liquid

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Meaning of 🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji

The emoji 🫗 “Pouring Liquid” depicts an upside down transparent glass with liquid pouring out over the edge. On most platforms, the flowing out compound resembles water. Emoji was added to Unicode version 14.0 in 2021.

“Glass of liquid” emoji can mean various things, including: pouring/pouring out, pouring over and emptying something. It can be used to indicate something spilled, as well as figuratively express profligacy and the spouting of resentment. The emoji can also describe ritual and religious practices: ablutions, dousing, and offerings.

Feel free to use 🫗 “Pouring liquid” emoji literally when referring to any activities involving 💧 Water, other liquids, or something friable. For example, complain that you spilled 🍊🫗 orange juice on your 👕 Shirt or illustrate a recipe item where you need to pour water or oil into the 🥣 Mixture, and accompany with this emoji the phrases “I am thirsty!” or “Pour it out right now!”.

Add the emoji to demonstrate that you are overwhelmed with emotions in anticipation of meeting your ❤️ Loved one. Or tell a friend that someone in the office is “leaking” information to a competitor. In such metaphorical contexts 🫗 combine “Pouring liquid” emoji with the emoji from the set 😂 “Smileys & Emotion”.

In addition, use this emoji if you honor certain traditions and speak about them in your messages. For example, mention the 🤲 Hand washing.

Combinations with 🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 👩‍🍳🥛🫗🥣 . You can use these combos to create riddles or convey messages without using words.

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— Add a glass of milk
— Cool down!
— The ritual
— Handwashing
— Damn!
— Pour out the resentment

🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji designs on different devices

Emojis may look different across platforms. Each web service, OS, or gadget manufacturer can create an Emoji design according to their corporate style and vision. Here, you can check out what the 🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji looks like on the most popular platforms:

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🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji: specifications and details

Full name 🫗 Pouring Liquid
Category 🍕 Food & Drink
Subcategory 🍺 Drink
Unicode (fully-qualified) 🫗 U+1FAD7
Unicode version Unicode 14.0 (2021)
Listed in Emoji Version 14.0