⚡ High Voltage


High Voltage emoji is the picture of a lightning bolt – it is part of ☁️ Cloud With Lightning emoji. Also, it is a recognized symbol of dangerous voltage and it is used as a warning to stay away. Apart from danger, this emoji is used in many other meanings. For example, it may stand for power, magic, energy, strong emotions of any type – from ❤️ Love to anger – and, of course, it may mean lightning bolt and electricity in its direct meaning.


👱🔨⚡ Thor (Movies)

👌🌊⚡️ A Perfect Storm (Movies)

👦👓⚡ Harry Potter (Movies)

🌴🍹⚡️☔️ Tropic Thunder (Movies)

🐶⚡️ Bolt (Movies)

👊➡️⚡️ Struck By Lightning (Movies)

⚡️⬅️ Flashback (Game)

⚡️🚶🏻💨 Lightning Fast (Expressions)

🔌⚡️🎹 Electric Piano (Music)

⚡️🎸 Electric Guitar (Music)

🍹⚡️ Energy Drink (Drink)

☁⚡💦 Storm (Nature)

👨🏥👹⚡ Crazy (People)

⚡💡🔋🔌 Energy (Job)

Examples of using

“Lightning bolts are so hypnotizing ⚡”
“Stay away from the high voltage ⚡”

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