☢️ Radioactive Emoji

Radioactive Emoji Meaning

Radioactive emoji is a circle cut into six pieces with three of them filled in. Be very careful if you see the Radioactive sign in public, it could mean danger nearby. While not all radioactivity is dangerous, since we use it in microwaves, if we get too close to ones that can harm us, we won’t be able to go home to our nice microwaved 🍕 Food.

You will most likely get this text from a friend or partner in a lab setting telling you to be careful in an experiment. It will probably not be used by scientists as they can communicate verbally when there is radiation. The emoji can sometimes be used instead of the ☣️ Biohazard emoji as both are similarly dangerous to people but still have their unique dangers.

It is best used with a ⚕️ Medical Symbol emoji to show the dangers and desperate need for medical attention if you touch something Radioactive. Pair with a building-themed emoji, like the 🏘 Houses emoji, to warn others if some location is Radioactive and needs to be avoided.

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Phrases Examples

Popular phrases for messaging and web communication:

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Fav song now is ☢️
We’re going to work on some ☢️ tests in Chem, heads up

Combinations with ☢️ Radioactive Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🌍☢️😷🤧🤒. You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— Epidemic
— Evil genius
— Sabotaje
— Radiation leakage
— Forbidden zone
— Don’t drink! Dangerous!
— Maybe who survived?

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General information

Category💯 Symbols
Subcategory🚱 Warning
How to type shortcode
Unicode (fully-qualified)☢️ U+2622 U+FE0F
Unicode (unqualified)☢ U+2622
Made withU+2622 ☢ Radioactive
U+FE0F Variation Selector-16
Unicode versionUnicode 1.1 (1993)
Listed inEmoji Version 1.0

Translations and keywords

Other names, keywords☢️ Radioactive
☢️ Sign
🇪🇸 SpanishRadioactividad
🇮🇹 ItalianRadioattivo
🇷🇺 RussianРадиоактивно
🇩🇪 GermanRadioaktiv
🇫🇷 FrenchRadioactif
🇵🇹 PortugueseRadioativo