☎️ Telephone


Telephone emoji is an old 🏫 School phone of the type, which was used long before the introduction of smartphones. This emoji is used almost exclusively in its direct meaning — in a request to call, near the phone number, or in a promise to call someone by the phone later. Less often, it is used as a request to talk to the person, which posted it in any way. And at last, very rarely it is used as an alert symbol (mostly because of its red color).

Snapchat meaning

Telephone emoji is the Snapchat 🏆 Trophy, 🔓 Unlocked after successful verification of the phone number in the Settings section.


Examples of using

“I will ☎️ you later today”
“I was on the phone all evening ☎️”

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Another names

☎️ Rotary Phone
☎️ Telephone