🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji

Meaning of 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji

The 🫃 “Pregnant Man” emoji was added by Unicode in 2021. It features an image of a male person holding his hands over a large, round belly. The emoji features five additional skin tones as well as two additional usage options 🫄 “Pregnant Person” and 🤰 “Pregnant Woman”.

The 🫃 “Pregnant man” emoji can represent the pregnancy of a transgender man, as well as “nurturing” some 💡 idea, a bloated belly or an overeating. Sometimes can be used in the context of a bumpy stomach or “🍺 Beer belly” among men.

Use the 🫃 “Pregnant Man” emoji to announce a pregnancy. Whether it’s your own or a loved one’s. The 👪 “Family”, 👶 “Baby” and 🍼 “Baby Bottle” emojis can help convey the message more accurately.

Use emoji figuratively if you’re nurturing an idea or talking about a budding project. You may also use emoji literally when describing an overweight person, a glutton with a massive belly, or a beer drinker.

Share your impressions about a new restaurant in which the portions are too big on social media. Express your feelings of satiety and satisfaction with the help of 🫃 “Pregnant Man” emoji and emoticons from the 🍕 “Food and Drink” set.

Interesting Fact:

  • The designers who came up with the emoji 🫃 “Pregnant Man” are not the first contemporary authors to artistically depict a pregnant man. In 1994, the creators of the sci-fi comedy “Junior” did it, in which the 👨 Man, the protagonist of the 🎞 Film, carried a 🧒 Baby and gave birth.

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Examples of 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji using

Popular phrases with 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji to use in messengers and the web:

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In expectation of miracle 🫃
I’m so full 🫃
I’ve 🫃 nurtured this 💡 idea for a while, and soonish will show the result 😉
It’s time to diet 🫃
What a magical time 🫃

Combinations with 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🍺🫃. You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— A beer belly
— Birth of a child
— How much have you drunk?
— I’m so full
— Slimming
— To nurture an idea
— We’re expecting a baby!

🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji Skin Tones Modifiers

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Pregnant Manlight skin tone
Pregnant Manmedium-light skin tone
Pregnant Manmedium skin tone
Pregnant Manmedium-dark skin tone
Pregnant Mandark skin tone

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General information about 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji

Full name🫃 Pregnant Man
Category👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 People & Body
Subcategory🧑‍🏫 Person Role
Unicode (fully-qualified)🫃 U+1FAC3
Unicode versionUnicode 14.0 (2021)
Listed inEmoji Version 14.0

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Translations and keywords for 🫃 Pregnant Man Emoji

Other names, keywords🫃 Belly
🫃 Bloated
🫃 Full
🫃 Pregnant
🇺🇸 English🫃 Pregnant Man
🇪🇸 Spanish🫃 Hombre embarazado
🇮🇹 Italian🫃 Uomo incinto
🇷🇺 Russian🫃 Беременный мужчина
🇩🇪 German🫃 Schwangerer Mann
🇫🇷 French🫃 Homme enceint
🇵🇹 Portuguese🫃 Homem Grávido