☕ Hot Beverage


Hot Beverage emoji is an image of a mug with a coffee, hot chocolate, or black tea, or any other hot drink of dark color imaginable – these hot drinks are the most popular outside Asia (for Asian countries and 🇯🇵 Japan, in particular, 🍵 Teacup Without Handle emoji would be more characteristic). This emoji is used in the context related to pleasant evenings, relaxing, keeping warm in ❄️ Winter, or getting awake in the morning.


🙅☕ Not My Cup Of Tea (Expressions)

🍳☕🍩♣️ Breakfast Club (Movies)

☕🍷🍰 Tiramisu (Food)

🏀🍩☕ Dunkin Donuts (Food)

🌇☕ Morning Coffee (Food)

☕️💔 Coffee Break (Food)

🐱💩➡️☕️ Kopi Luwak (Food)

🏉🌎☕️ Rugby World Cup (Sport)

☕➡️😋 Need a Hot Beverage (Food)

☕🍋 Tea With Lemon (Drink)

🍫☕ Hot Chocolate (Drink)

☕🍷 Mulled Wine (Drink)

☕🥃 Coffee In Vienna (Drink)

☕🥛💦 Latte Macchiato (Drink)

☕🥛❄️ Frappe (Drink)

☕❄️🍦 Glasse (Drink)

🥃💦☕ Grog (Drink)

⚪️☕ White Tea (Drink)

🍒🍓☕ Berry Tea (Drink)

🌱☕ Herb Tea (Drink)

☕🍊 Mocha With Tangerine (Drink)

☕🍸🍹🤵 Bartender (Job)

😺💩➡☕ Copy Dude (Drink)

🍳☕ Breakfast (Food)

Examples of using

“I cannot wake up without a cup of coffee ☕”
“It’s high time for a coffee break ☕”

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