🦤 Dodo Emoji

Meaning of 🦤 Dodo Emoji

Dodo emoji represents the extinct and flightless 🐦 Bird that once roamed the 🪐 Planet. These little guys are most often used when talking about someone who is a bit dense or not the brightest bulb. Since these guys are short and round, it can be used when talking about someone who is short and plump.

Use this emoji with the 😕 Confused Face emoji when showing you are lost or confused about something. It can also be sent with the 🍲 Pot of Food emoji to proudly say you are happy being short and plump.

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Examples of 🦤 Dodo Emoji using

Popular phrases with 🦤 Dodo Emoji to use in messengers and the web:

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You are such a 🦤
So sad that 🦤 could never fly

Combinations with 🦤 Dodo Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🦤🏴‍☠️. You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— Caramba!
— I can’t fly!

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General information about 🦤 Dodo Emoji

Full name🦤 Dodo
Category🐝 Animals & Nature
Subcategory🐤 Animal Bird
Unicode (fully-qualified)🦤 U+1F9A4
Unicode versionUnicode 13.0 (2020)
Listed inEmoji Version 13.0

Translations and keywords for 🦤 Dodo Emoji

Other names, keywords🦤 Dodo
🦤 Extinction
🦤 Large
🦤 Mauritius
🇺🇸 English🦤 Dodo
🇪🇸 Spanish🦤 Dodo
🇮🇹 Italian🦤 Dodo
🇷🇺 Russian🦤 Дронт
🇩🇪 German🦤 Dodo
🇫🇷 French🦤 Dodo
🇵🇹 Portuguese🦤 Dodo