👢 Woman’s Boot


Woman’s Boot emoji is one of the emojis, which represent women’s footwear – in this case, it is a high boot made of leather with a small heel, which is typically associated with cowgirls and 🐎 Horse riders. As for its meanings, in most cases, it is used by women in the context of outfits – especially, together with other fashion-related emojis like 👚 Woman’s Clothes emoji. Also, some women use it in the symbolic meaning when it comes to walking, journeys, and even certain changes in life like leaving a boyfriend or moving to a new place.


😺👢👢 Puss In Boots (Movies)

☔️👢 Rain Boots (Things)

👢👢🎿 Ski Boots (Sport)

👢👠👡 Footwear (Things)

🐍🐊👢 Leather Boots (Things)

Examples of using

“I bought new awesome boots yesterday 👢”
“Finally, I left him 👢”

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