Ⓜ Circled M


Circled M emoji is a capital “M” within a circle. For our friend who utalize public transport on a daily basis, then you will see this emoji a lot. It is used to show where an underground railway, or 🚇 Metro, is located. Subways, not the 🥪 Sandwich chain, are transportation alternatives that travel underground out of the public’s way. Conveniently, there is a 🚇 Metro emoji you can send with this emoji when you are in need to find a subway for your traveling needs. Or you can just send the 🚆 Train emoji as it can be used instead of the Circled M emoji as well.

Examples of using

“Meet me at the Ⓜ so we can go to work together.”
“My car is in the shop, guess it’s the Ⓜ all week.”

Closeup view

How to type


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Another names

Ⓜ Subway
Ⓜ Metro
Ⓜ Train