☪ Star And Crescent


Star And Crescent emoji is a common all well known symbol of the ⛪️ Religion Islam. It can be seen around countries such as 🦃 Turkey and 🇵🇰 Pakistan as that is there main ⛪️ Religion. The ⭐ Star and Crescent emoji can be used to show your own connection to the ⛪️ Religion or to emphasize any questions you have on the ⛪️ Religion. It can be paired with a Palms Up emoji to show the act of praying or with a 👨 Man With a Turban emoji to help those who need a little extra help knowing who worships the Islamic ⛪️ Religion.

Examples of using

“Can you help me figure out what this symbol is for ☪?”
“Can you tell me where to buy a flag with this on it ☪? It’s for my grandad.”

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Another names

☪ Islam
☪ Muslim