♈ Aries


Aries emoji is the symbol for the Zodiac sign of the same name, which is attributed to people, who were born from 21.03 to 20.04 of every year — some people believe that this defines one’s personality. The emoji itseld looks like the sketchy image of curved horns (of a type that is normally seen on sheep) or the Y letter with the curved top. It is either separate or placed in geometric figure of violet, yellow, or red color.

Snapchat meaning

Aries emoji is the Snapchat mark for those users, who belong to this Zodiac sign. It appears in case the user points out their date of birth.


Examples of using

“My Zodiac sign is Aries and it says a lot about me ♈”
“I’m looking for Aries people ♈”

Closeup view

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Another names

♈ Zodiac Sign Aries