⚰ Coffin


Coffin emoji – well, it’s obvious what is a Coffin. It can be used as a direct sign of a thing where you put the body when somebody is dead or the process of a funeral in general. In indirect meaning in can be used in these types of context: do you want to show that you are dead after a hard work? Do you want to show that you are the Dracula or a vampire in general – use Coffin emoji along with the Cross, Vampire.


👳‍💀♀️⚰ Mummy (People)

Examples of using

“Oh, boy…I am dead after this hardworking day! ⚰”
“He was at the funeral ⚰”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

⚰ Box
⚰ Casket
⚰ Sarcophagus
⚰ Bier