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Copyright emoji is the letter “C” within a circle. You will see this emoji when talking about brand products that have been ® Registered as belonging to a person or corporation. If you want to use a product or brand name that has been copyrighted, you will have to make sure you can use it without having any legal action taken towards you. If you plan on copyrighting something, like a product, send this emoji with a product emoji, like the 📕 Closed Book emoji to say it is your idea and no one can have it. If you are not sure about a product’s Copyright status before using it, send this emoji with the 💼 Briefcase emoji to a friend who knows more about legal laws to help you avoid being sued.

Examples of using

“Do you have to add © when including a brand in an essay?”
“What do you have to do to © something?”

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© Register
© Trademark
© Own