⬆️ Up Arrow


Up Arrow emoji is the icon of the arrow, pointing up. It is often used in its direct meaning of “to go up”, “to rise”, “the upper floor”, “above”, and so on. However, not less popular is its indirect meaning of “to become better than before”, “to become more popular than before”, and all things like that. By the way, in cases of some emoji providers, this emoji looks more like a road sign. On Snapchat, it is the official icon of the extremely popular British 👦 Boy band One Direction — and it symbolizes the only direction the boys would go in their careers.


⬆️🌆👩 Uptown Girls (Movies)

👦⬆️👨 Grown Ups (Movies)

⬆️⬇️ Upside Down (Movies)

🌙⬆️👑 Moonrise Kingdom (Movies)

👨🏻⬆️✈️☁️ Up In The Air (Movies)

👣⬆️ Step Up (Movies)

⬆️👨🏻🎳🔫 The Big Lebowski (Movies)

⬆️❌⬆️⬅️ North By Northwest (Movies)

7️⃣⬆️ 7 Up (Brands)

🎿⬆️🗻 Ski Lift (City)

👙⬆️ Bikini Top (Things)

🌜⬆️🌊 High Tide (Nature)

Examples of using

“I’m only going up ⬆️”
“Today is so much better than yesterday ⬆️”

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Another names

⬆️ Up Arrow
⬆️ Arrow Pointing Up