♐ Sagittarius


Sagittarius emoji is the digital symbol for the ninth of twelve Zodiac signs of the same name, which looks like a schematic arrow or spear. The people, who were born from 23.11 to 21.12 of every year belong to Sagittarius sign — wherever and whatever 👪 Family they are from — and those, who believe in Zodiac think that such people are open-minded and persistent. Like all other astrological emoji, this one has no other, not Zodiac-related meanings.

Snapchat meaning

Sagittarius emoji appears near the Snapchat users, who were born on the respective dates (in case they have set their birthdays).

Examples of using

“My Zodiac sign is ♐”
“I like being Sagittarius ♐”

Closeup view

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Another names

♐ Sagittarius Zodiac Sign