💯 Symbols Emojis Collection

In the category “Symbols” you will find over 200 emoji symbols and signs. Symbols have different meanings and are used to represent different things. For example, you can use ⛎ Zodiac sign emoji to fill in the biography page; tell about your faith using ⛪ Religion emoji, or inform those who are meeting you at the airport that you are going through 🛃 Customs control.

Here are some examples of combinations:

  • Send the combination ⬆️❓ — “I don’t know the way” to your friends to ask them for help if you suddenly get lost. All you have to do is combine ⬆️ Up Arrow and ❓ Question mark emojis;
  • If you need to find an ATM in order to withdraw 💲 money, then send the combination 🆘🏧 — “Where is the ATM?” by combining just two emoticons – emoji 🆘 SOS sign and 🏧 ATM sign emojis.
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🔱 Other Symbol

⚕️Medical Symbol ✔️Check Mark ✅Check Mark Button ❌Cross Mark ➰Curly Loop 🔱Trident Emblem ⭕Hollow Red Circle ⚜️Fleur-de-lis 🔰Japanese Symbol For Beginner ®️Registered ❇️Sparkle ❎Cross Mark Button ♻️Recycling Symbol ☑️Check Box With Check 📛Name Badge ©️Copyright 〽️Part Alternation Mark ➿Double Curly Loop ™️Trade Mark ✴️Eight-Pointed Star ✳️Eight-Spoked Asterisk

🟡 Geometric

🔵Blue Circle 🟢Green Circle 🔴Red Circle 🟡Yellow Circle 🟥Red Square ⚫Black Circle ⚪White Circle 🟠Orange Circle 💠Diamond With A Dot 🟦Blue Square 🟩Green Square 🟣Purple Circle 🟪Purple Square 🟫Brown Square 🔺Red Triangle Pointed Up 🔷Large Blue Diamond ⬛Black Large Square 🔻Red Triangle Pointed Down 🟨Yellow Square 🟧Orange Square ▫️White Small Square 🟤Brown Circle ⬜White Large Square 🔶Large Orange Diamond 🔹Small Blue Diamond 🔸Small Orange Diamond 🔘Radio Button ▪️Black Small Square 🔲Black Square Button 🔳White Square Button ◼️Black Medium Square ◾Black Medium-Small Square ◻️White Medium Square ◽White Medium-Small Square

❓ Punctuation

‼️Double Exclamation Mark ❓Question Mark ❗Exclamation Mark ⁉️Exclamation Question Mark ❔White Question Mark ❕White Exclamation Mark 〰️Wavy Dash

🔠 Alphanum

🅿️P Button ℹ️Information 🆙UP! Button 🔢Input Numbers 🅰️A Button (Blood Type) 🆔ID Button 🆘SOS Button 🆖NG Button 🔤Input Latin Letters Ⓜ️Circled M 🆚VS Button 🆕NEW Button 🆑CL Button ㊙️Japanese “secret” Button 🆓FREE Button 🈯Japanese “reserved” Button 🔠Input Latin Uppercase 🅱️B Button (Blood Type) 🆒COOL Button 🅾️O Button (Blood Type) 🆗OK Button ㊗️Japanese “congratulations” Button 🔣Input Symbols 🈲Japanese “prohibited” Button 🉑Japanese “acceptable” Button 🆎AB Button (Blood Type) 🈺Japanese “open For Business” Button 🈴Japanese “passing Grade” Button 🈳Japanese “vacancy” Button 🈵Japanese “no Vacancy” Button 🉐Japanese “bargain” Button 🈂️Japanese “service Charge” Button 🔡Input Latin Lowercase 🈚Japanese “free Of Charge” Button 🈹Japanese “discount” Button 🈶Japanese “not Free Of Charge” Button 🈸Japanese “application” Button 🈁Japanese “here” Button 🈷️Japanese “monthly Amount” Button

🚱 Warning

⚠️Warning 🚫Prohibited 🔞No One Under Eighteen ⛔No Entry ☢️Radioactive ☣️Biohazard 🚭No Smoking 📵No Mobile Phones 🚸Children Crossing 🚷No Pedestrians 🚯No Littering 🚱Non-Potable Water 🚳No Bicycles

🔄 Arrow

➡️Right Arrow ⬇️Down Arrow ⬆️Up Arrow 🔄Counterclockwise Arrows Button 🔝TOP Arrow 🔜SOON Arrow ⬅️Left Arrow 🔛ON! Arrow 🔙BACK Arrow ⤵️Right Arrow Curving Down 🔚END Arrow ↔️Left-Right Arrow 🔃Clockwise Vertical Arrows ↘️Down-Right Arrow ↩️Right Arrow Curving Left ⤴️Right Arrow Curving Up ↗️Up-Right Arrow ↕️Up-Down Arrow ↪️Left Arrow Curving Right ↙️Down-Left Arrow ↖️Up-Left Arrow

☯️ Religion

🕉️Om ✝️Latin Cross 🛐Place Of Worship ☮️Peace Symbol ☯️Yin Yang ☪️Star And Crescent ⚛️Atom Symbol ☦️Orthodox Cross 🕎Menorah ✡️Star Of David ☸️Wheel Of Dharma 🔯Dotted Six-Pointed Star 🪯Khanda

🔂 Av Symbol

▶️Play Button 🔁Repeat Button ⏯️Play Or Pause Button ⏸️Pause Button 🎦Cinema 📴Mobile Phone Off ⏭️Next Track Button ⏩Fast-Forward Button ◀️Reverse Button 🔆Bright Button 📶Antenna Bars 🔂Repeat Single Button 🔀Shuffle Tracks Button 📳Vibration Mode ⏹️Stop Button 🔼Upwards Button 🔽Downwards Button ⏺️Record Button 🔅Dim Button ⏫Fast Up Button ⏪Fast Reverse Button ⏮️Last Track Button 🛜Wireless ⏬Fast Down Button ⏏️Eject Button

♾️ Math

♾️Infinity ➕Plus ✖️Multiply ➖Minus ➗Divide 🟰Heavy Equals Sign

5️⃣ Keycap

#️⃣Keycap: # *️⃣Keycap: * 0️⃣Keycap: 0 1️⃣Keycap: 1 2️⃣Keycap: 2 3️⃣Keycap: 3 4️⃣Keycap: 4 5️⃣Keycap: 5 6️⃣Keycap: 6 7️⃣Keycap: 7 8️⃣Keycap: 8 9️⃣Keycap: 9 🔟Keycap: 10

♎ Zodiac

♋Cancer ♐Sagittarius ♏Scorpio ♎Libra ♈Aries ♌Leo ♓Pisces ♉Taurus ♊Gemini ♍Virgo ⛎Ophiuchus ♑Capricorn ♒Aquarius

⚧️ Gender

♀️Female Sign ♂️Male Sign ⚧️Transgender Symbol

🚻 Transport Sign

🚰Potable Water 🚼Baby Symbol 🚮Litter In Bin Sign 🚹Men’s Room ♿Wheelchair Symbol 🚺Women’s Room 🏧ATM Sign 🚻Restroom 🛂Passport Control 🛃Customs 🚾Water Closet 🛄Baggage Claim 🛅Left Luggage

💲 Currency

💲Heavy Dollar Sign 💱Currency Exchange