🈴 Japanese “passing Grade” Button


Japanese “Passing Grade” Button emoji is a anji in a square meaning a good grade was earned. Now don’t go thinking of the stereotype that Asians only want high grades from their children. Lets be honest high grades are expected from most parents regardless of race. This emoji doesn’t say what letter grade you are expected to get, just one that passes the class. If you have texting parents who know what this emoji means, you’ll most likely get this emoji paired with the 🏫 School emoji and 📝 Memo emoji to show they are expecting you to do good in 🏫 School.

Examples of using

“I’m so glad I 🈴 the class. I won’t have to repeat it!”
“A C on the final is all I need to 🈴.”

Closeup view


How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

🈴 Acceptable
🈴 Passed