🌹 Rose


Rose emoji is the representation of one of the most famous, loved, and luxurious flowers, known for its outstanding beauty and scent. It is often used in the context of holidays and special events in someone’s life — for example, to congratulate the loved 👩 Woman with her B-day. To this, it is sometimes used as a synonym for tenderness, beauty, and ❤️ Love (especially together with hearts emoji). Also, the Rose emoji is the symbol of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Snapchat account — obviously, because this famous model has almost the same name with this flower.


👸❤️🌹🐻 Beauty And The Beast (Movies)

🐮💩👍🌺🌹 Fertilizer (Nature)

Examples of using

“Here is a rose for you, darling 🌹”
“This flower is almost as beautiful as you are 🌹”

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How to type


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Another names

🌹 Red Flower
🌹 Red Rose