🫡 Saluting Face Emoji

Meaning of 🫡 Saluting Face Emoji

🫡 “Saluting Face” emoji was included in the Unicode in 2021. The emoticon resembles a yellow face with a closed mouth and open black eyes. In the upper part of the face there is a right hand, which represents a greeting gesture.

The emoji symbolizes an emotion previously unrepresented and signifies respect, recognition, gratitude and respect. Emoji is also used to say 👋 Hi, express a sense of pride and unity, or to let the interlocutor know that all is well. Sometimes, it can be interpreted as a cover from the ☀️ Sun.

Send a 🫡 “Saluting Face” emoji when you want to express a military salute to a 🎖 Commanding officer or say hello to a 🪖 Coworker. Also use this emoji to greet your friends on messengers and social networks.

Show your respect for people in dangerous professions by making sequences with the 🫡 “Saluting Face” emoji. For instance, to 🫡👮 a police officer, 🫡👩‍⚕️ a doctor, 🫡👨‍🚒 a firefighter or a lifeguard.

Express support and respect for a colleague who demonstrated integrity in a 🗨 Conversation with the boss, and combine the 🫡 “Saluting Face” emoticon with the ✊ “Raised Fist” and 👏 “Clapping face” emojis.

Alternatively, use the emoji when you want to let your beloved ones know that you’ve reached your destination and you’re fine. Also add the 👌 “OK Hand Sign” emoji to your message.

Copy & Paste this emoji:

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Examples of 🫡 Saluting Face Emoji using

Popular phrases with 🫡 Saluting Face Emoji to use in messengers and the web:

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Yes, sir! 🫡
🫡 Hello!
🫡 Thank you for your service!

Combinations with 🫡 Saluting Face Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🫡👮👏. You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— Show respect
— Greeting
— Military salute
— All’s great
— Respect
— Well done!
— God Save The Queen
— Respect and pride for the country
— Hiding from the sun

🫡 Saluting Face Emoji look across different devices

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