⌛ Hourglass Done


Hourglass emoji is the sand-glass with the flowing sand. It is the recognized symbol of time. It is often used as a reminder not to waste time or as a specific starting point of a countdown to some event. Sometimes it is also used as a symbol of running late or waiting for a long time for someone or for something. And at last, it also serves as a symbol, underlining how much time has passed after this or that event in someone’s life.

Snapchat meaning

For Snapchatters, Hourglass emoji is the reminder about the expiring Snapstreak and the need to send another snap to prolong it.

Examples of using

“I was waiting too long and it’s time to leave ⌛”
“The time runs out ⌛”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

⌛ Sandglass