⁉ Exclamation Question Mark


Exclamation Question Mark emoji is an ❗ Exclamation Mark and ❓ Question Mark together standing as one punctuation. Also known as the Interrobang, this symbol is meant to be used to show a combination reaction of shock and questioning. If you come across a statement or idea that surprised you yet leaves you asking even more questions, send this emoji with the Shocked Face with 🤯 Exploding Head emoji to show that you have no other way to react than just stand there wide-eyed trying to come up with an easy to understand reasoning. This punctuation mark is also commonly used at the end of rhetorical questions, or questions that is more made for dramatic purposes rather than to get an answer. Use this emoji with the 🎭 Performing Arts emoji to show that the question does not need an answer and it is just being used to create a more compelling situation.

Examples of using

“You said what about my mom⁉”
“You expect me to clean up the mess he made⁉”

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Another names

⁉ Astonishment
⁉ Surprise