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🫚Ginger Root

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Meaning of 🫚 Ginger Root Emoji

The 🫚 “Ginger” emoji is an image of a part of the rhizome of the namesake plant. The emoji is released in 2022 for Unicode 15.0.

The emoji 🫚 “Ginger” can been used both in its literal meaning and in the context of spices and seasonings. It is closely associated with the notions “disease”, “health” and ⚕️ “Medicine”. It can symbolise 🍁 Autumn, ❄️ Winter and 🥶 Cold, and be used in conversations over 🍱 Asian cuisine.

Do you love the flavour of ginger candied 🥧 Pie or adore pickled ginger with 🍣 Sushi? Share this and the recipes on social media. Discuss the health benefits of ginger and exchange its home use options.

Recommend a friend to make a hot ginger drink after a long ⛷ Ski trip: this helps prevent 🤧 Colds. Or suggest a colleague taking a break from the summer heat at a bar that brews an excellent ginger 🍺 Beer. Also use emoji from seasonal collections in your messages.

Alternatively, use 🫚 “Ginger” as a symbol of 🎁 Christmas, combining this emoji with 🍪 “Cookie” and other Christmas emojis. Specifically, with 🎄 “Christmas tree”, 👼 “Baby angel” and 🌟 “Glowing star”. Or in combination with 🧘‍♂️ “Man in lotus position” and 🥗 “Green Salad” talk about healthy living and good nutrition.

Examples of 🫚 Ginger Root Emoji using

Popular phrases with 🫚 Ginger Root Emoji to use in messengers and the web:

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Combinations with 🫚 Ginger Root Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🧘🫚🥗🍅 . You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— Healthy diet
— Anti-cold drink
— Ginger tea
— Gingerbread pie
— Lotus root soup with ginger
— Autumn drink
— Ginger oil
— Ginger beer
— Christmas tree
— Hot drink
— I adore it
— Pickled ginger

🫚 Ginger Root Emoji look across different devices

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General information about 🫚 Ginger Root Emoji

Full name 🫚 Ginger Root
Category 🍕 Food & Drink
Subcategory 🥑 Food Vegetable
Unicode (fully-qualified) 🫚 U+1FADA
Unicode version Unicode 15.0 (2022)
Listed in Emoji Version 15.0