⏪ Fast Reverse Button


Fast Reverse Button emoji is two overlapping triangles poiting to the left. On older devices, this was a way to rewind tapes and cassettes. You don’t really see this button a lot now since you can just drag a slider to move back in a song. Before, you went send this emoji with a 📼 Videocassette emoji to remind someone to rewind the VHS before returning it or you’d get charged. Yes, that was a thing when you rented VHS tapes. Now, this emoji can be used to tell someone to back up and check over something. Use it with the Back Leftwards Arrow to emphasize to your friend that they really need to go back and check over their work or action they did.

Examples of using

“Play that scene ⏪ it was too funny to see once.”
“Go ⏪ to what you just said.”

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Another names

⏪ Reverse
⏪ Go Back