⚱ Funeral Urn


Funeral Urn – a sign to show a thing where people usually keep the ash of somebody after cremation. Not very romantic actually, but it is an additional emoji to say that somebody is super tired and not only dead as a body – use along with a ⚰ Coffin emoji, but also as a soul. In a funny context might be used as a threat to tell a person – what is expecting him or her in case of not doing something. Of course in a joke mode (hopefully).

Examples of using

“I need you to be at the meeting at 5-30. If not – you are dead! ⚱”
“Detective Jones said that the body was cremated ⚱”

Closeup view

Unicode symbol


Another names

⚱ Ceremony
⚱ Burial
⚱ Sky burial
⚱ Observance
⚱ Entombment
⚱ Inhumation
⚱ Interment
⚱ Ceremonial occasion
⚱ Sepulture
⚱ Ceremonial