♓ Pisces


Pisces emoji is the digital representation of the last Zodiac sign. This sign is traditionally attributed to all people, who were born from 20.02 to 20.03 of every year in any corner of our planet. The emoji is used as a mark for such people — for example, it helps those, who believe in Zodiac magic to find their soul mates (though it doesn’t mean much for those who do not) — and their “typical” traits like creativity and otherworldliness.

Snapchat meaning

On Snapchat, Pisces emoji appears near the users with the respective Zodiac sign in case they’ve pointed out their B-day.

Examples of using

“My Zodiac sign is Pisces ♓”
“I’m ♓ and I’m a typical representative of this Zodiac sign”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

♓ Pisces Zodiac Sign