Microsoft Windows Emojis List

Emoji Microsoft is used on PC and tablets where the Windows operating system is installed. This OS is highly popular among ordinary users, so don’t forget to use the appropriate emoji when communicating!

Below is a list of current Microsoft Emoji taking into account the latest update from May 2019.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” — Bill Gates.


  • The author of the famous Windows startup 🎵 sound is Brian Eno.
  • Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer quite often starred in humorous, motivational 📽 videos for their employees.
  • According to statistics for 2010, company employees drink 23 million drinks a year. The most popular of them are 🧃 juice and 🥛 milk.

    🤣 Smileys & Emotion

    🤷 People & Body

    🐼 Animals & Nature

    🍕 Food & Drink

    💯 Symbols

    🌇 Travel & Places

    📮 Objects

    🎈 Activities

    🇺🇸 Flags