⏯ Play Or Pause Button


Play Or Pause Button emoji is a triangle pointint to the right with two vertical lines in front. You’ll usually see this button on your music player or computer or wherever you are listening to music to pause or play the current song. Someone may be trying to talk over the loud music you are playing, so they may send this emoji with a 🛑 Stop Sign emoji. You can pay attention to their request to stop your music, or completely ignore it and shout over the music. In other cases, someone may be asking you to keep playing your music. If they send this emoji with a 👍 Thumbs Up Sign emoji, give them what they want and start up that music again.

Examples of using

“⏯ the video for the presentation.”
“Can you ⏯ the movie so we can call?”

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Another names

⏯ Start
⏯ Pause