⏏ Eject Button

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Eject Button emoji is a rectangle with a triangle on top. When you connect a device via USB to your computer you will most likely see this button. It is meant to trigger the ejection process so you can safely remove your device from its connection with your computer. If you use it with a ✒️ Black Nib emoji and Personal Computer emoji you can use it to ask or remind someone to remove your USB from the computer for you. You can also use it lto show that you are backing out of something before it’s too late. Send it with a ⛔ No Entry emoji to express your desire of getting out of a sticky situation.

Examples of using

“Is the USB safe to ⏏?”
“I’m out ⏏ before I get in trouble.”

Closeup view

Unicode symbol


Another names

⏏ Remove
⏏ Stop