☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops


☂️ Umbrella With Rain Drops emoji is the picture of the item typically used to protect ourselves from raindrops. This emoji represents right what ☂️ Umbrella emoji does, but in this case, the ☂️ Umbrella is depicted literally in action – i.e. in the rain. It may be used in its direct meaning to illustrate rainy 🌧 Weather, walking in the rain, and so on or it may be used in a symbolic meaning to illustrate bad mood or bad circumstances.


1️⃣0️⃣☔ Perfect Storm (Movies)

👳‍♀️☔🐣👫 Mary Poppins (Movies)

🎤☔ Singing In The Rain (Movies)

👨☔ Rain Man (Movies)

🌴🍹⚡️☔️ Tropic Thunder (Movies)

☔️☀️ Rain Or Shine (Movies)

😴☔️🌀 Dreamcast (Game)

☔️🌳🌳🐒 Rain Forest (Nature)

☔️👢 Rain Boots (Things)

🌦⛅❄☔ Weather (Nature)

☁☔ Rain (Nature)

Examples of using

“It’s going to rain all week long ☔”
“I love walking in the rain ☔”

Closeup view

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