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๐Ÿฆ“ World Animal Day Emojis Collection

World Animal Day was established by the International Congress for Conservation of Nature in 1931 and is still celebrated on October 4. The purpose of the event is to draw public attention to other living creatures on our planet. Indeed, according to statistics, every hour on Earth, three species of animals disappear, and approximately 70 species of flora and fauna disappear daily. So the problem here is obvious. Therefore, it was decided to create World Animal Day to remind people that we are not alone here.

In addition, the event is focused on protecting wildlife (flora and fauna) and drawing attention to domestic animals because animal abuse is increasing every year. Throughout the world, animal welfare societies organize many thematic events and activities to prove to humanity that it is possible to live with ๐Ÿผ animals.

The Emoji library for World Animal Day presents an extensive collection of smileys so that users of the World Wide Web can be a part of these events, discuss the global problems of this topic and thus draw as much attention as possible from other users. Donโ€™t forget that whatever the animal or plant is, it is also a living creature that only wants to live in peace, love, and tranquility.